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  • Liz Stokes

    Liz Stokes

    I work in Skills and Workforce Development team at the Australian Research Data Commons. In my role I champion collaborative learning communities such as ResBaz and The Carpentries, and training activities which put FAIR into practice. I also coordinate an (AU/NZ region) Data Management Planning Interest Group.


A community of practice is sometimes a fancy way of saying we have something in common and want a reason to get together to talk about it (and the other things). Especially if that thing is a shared interest, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning for managing collections across the GLAM sector. And a bit of FOMO too. If there's one thing I've learnt from lockdown, it's that everything is a practice, which means repetition, and mistakes, and managing expectations. The practice of community building, holding space and bringing people together didn't stop with lockdown either. In fact it has kind of polarised the experience: you yearn for connection *even more*, and at the same time recoil from video conferencing. Surely there's a better way than this. This talk will investigate different modes of engagement across communities of practice within the GLAM sector, including the AI4LAM AU/NZ chapter.