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  • Liz Stokes

    Liz Stokes

    I work in Skills and Workforce Development team at the Australian Research Data Commons. In my role I champion collaborative learning communities such as ResBaz and The Carpentries, and training activities which put FAIR into practice. I also coordinate an (AU/NZ region) Data Management Planning Interest Group.


The Research Bazaar (ResBaz) model is a collaborative response to designing, implementing and delivering introductory programming training to local research communities. Since 2015 in Melbourne, this open source idea for a community festival has been repeated across Australia and internationally: Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Auckland, Dunedin, Oslo, Madison, Tucson. Successful ResBaz festivals are the product of strong leadership, shared goals and practical collaboration among local skills providers. Local ResBaz teams achieve what their parent organisations on their own cannot: fostering collaborative multidisciplinary networks among researchers in a digital skills learning environment. Strong community values characterised the in-person experience of ResBaz from the beginning: people over technology, open access, and diversity. How these values are sustained in a virtual environment remains a current challenge, especially for an event that aims to 'take the lonely out of doing a PhD'. In the past year, ResBaz organising teams have come together to share knowledge and experiences. Our goal is a robust and self-sustaining future for this renegade festival.