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  • Iain Dickson

    Iain Dickson

    Iain is the Full Spectrum Cyber lead for Leidos Australia, and provides oversight and support to all of Leidos' AU programs for technical cyber security. He is currently the Chief Cyber Architect for a program which provides a Security Operations capability to a Federal Government Department. He has previously worked as a Cyber Research Engineer and as an Assistant Director for Cyber Threat Intelligence within the Federal Government. He is also one of the founders of ComfyCon AU, a virtual conference founded as a direct response to the cancellation of cyber security conferences due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


A lot of buzzwords now appear when you talk about modern system administration, and by extrapolation, running your own homelab. PaaS and IaaS, Infrastructure as Code, Continuous Integration and Continuous Development? Back in the old days when you built a homelab, you used to install Ubuntu Server on a box, setup KVM and you'd start running all your virtual machines... until something broke and you had to rebuild with a limited set of documentation in a text file on your desktop. This talk relays the journey of an amateur home sysadmin, and his quest to build his homelab in an automated fashion (and to support his OCD around system configurations). We discuss the use of Docker, Packer, Ansible and Vault, and how their powers combined can be brought together to automatically build a Docker host with all the support infrastructure you could possibly want.