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  • Allan Shone

    Allan Shone

    Allan has been using linux since the late 90s, where he remembers picking up a RedHat disc on a magazine. He has long been a tinkerer and fan of automation, applying this in both is work and personal time. In the professional world Allan has been working with various linux distributions since 2006, helping colleagues and teams to best utilise their full capabilities. Outside of work Allan likes to play games, typically with some flavour of strategy. When he can spend time with friends, this also extends to table top games (the online ones don't quite feel the same to play!). Watching others play is a great way to learn strategy too, especially when you've found yourself at a wall. Allan's primary focus in recent years has been on enablement of others, in immediate teams and wider, sharing beyond whenever possible. Helping yourself learn you can understand quite a lot, helping many people you can begin a movement.


Orchestration technologies make it very easy to deploy services and ensure they're up and running under specific circumstances, does that mean that those services are always going to be running as expected and processing as required? Especially when it comes to internal tooling for teams, and with the ease of orchestration, it can be easy to forget or forego any standard operating requirements for products. This can easily mean that these tools don't function, and without the right visibility we may never even know it. This talk will take you on a journey through one such case and how it was discovered, with a little extra on the general way in which this situation can manifest itself. Ideally, with plenty of tips and thoughts on how to prevent this situation from arising again!