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  • Sreejith Anujan

    Sreejith Anujan

    Sreejith Anujan is a cloud technology professional with more than 15 years of experience in on-premise data center solutions and 10 years with public cloud providers. He enjoys working with customers on their enablement plans to upskill the technical team on container and automation tooling. In his current role as a Principal Instructor within Red Hat, Sreejith is responsible for designing and delivering custom & tailored technology training and workshops to strategic customers across the Asia Pacific region.


Most organizations have a large investment in VMs, the applications they run, and the infrastructure and processes that manage and maintain them. An all-or-nothing approach to modernizing applications on containers is often not feasible and too slow. Kubevirt allows for an immediate, calculated path to modernization for VM workloads. You can proactively move applications now and manage them side-by-side with the latest innovations in Kubernetes and other open-source cloud-native technologies. OpenShift virtualization is also the perfect solution for developers challenged with supporting applications and VMs that will never be converted to containers due to complexity or time-boxed shelf life. These can continue to run as VMs until they can be re-platformed for containers or they reach their natural end of life. In this 1hr presentation, see a live demonstration of deploying VMs and Containers with Kubevirt. Agenda Deployment of Kubevirt/OpenShift Virtualization Deploy a VM and Application Containers Connecting to the newly deployed VM Configuring external access to VM