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  • Kieran Jacobsen

    Kieran Jacobsen

    Kieran Jacobsen (he/him) recently joined Phocas Software as the Head of Business Systems. Kieran combines his passion for business process automation, systems integration, and cybersecurity to help organisations rapidly grow and evolve. Kieran’s involvement in the technology community has seen him present at Microsoft’s Ignite the Tour, NDC Sydney, and CrikeyCon. Kieran is well known for his security focused presentations that blend real-world examples and storytelling. Microsoft has recognised Kieran’s contributions to the community by awarding him with their Most Valuable Professional since 2017. Kieran is also a member of the GitKraken Ambassador Program. Kieran lives in Melbourne, Australia with his Husband, and Burmese cat. In his spare time, Kieran enjoys computer games, Dungeons & Dragons, boardgames and Melbourne’s amazing food culture.


In every organisation DNS is a critical system, but it rarely gets the attention that it deserves. We rely on DNS for the smooth operation of our businesses; if your customers can’t reach your website or email you, then your business is effectively cut-off. Organisations will keep disaster recovery plans and business continuity procedures for their corporate websites, mail servers and internal systems; but how many of these plans and procedures include DNS? Over the past few years, attacks against DNS have been on the rise. These attacks may be direct attacks against DNS server software; but they can also come from compromised credentials or DNS zone misconfigurations such as dangling DNS entries. In this session, I am going to walk through performing a DNS maturity assessment and how you can improve the management of DNS with tools like DNSControl.