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  • Sarah Spencer

    Sarah Spencer

    Sarah has been a software engineer professionally working on websites for the better part of 20 years. In her spare time she's an accomplished maker and tinkerer, with her work being featured in many publications both online and in print including, Raspberry Pi and Make Magazine as well as sitting on the board for the London Hackspace. Sarah is no stranger to LCA, having spoken about her Knitting Network Printer in the LCA Art + Tech MiniConf in Sydney 2018.


In her last talk in 2018, Sarah introduced LCA delegates to her hacked Knitting Network Printer with her novel 3 colour knitting method. Since then Sarah has pushed the capabilities of her creation to the limit with a giant starmap of the night sky. In this talk Sarah will discuss: - Going viral - Lighting up every visible star with bespoke electronics - Building a unique interactive experience - Logistics of working with physically large projects - Working with a conservation team to preserve the work for 100 years - The coming exhibition in Melbourne