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  • Russell Coker

    Russell Coker

    Russell is mostly known for working on NSA Security Enhanced Linux. But he has also spent a lot of time experimenting with new filesystems and writing mail server benchmarks. He has been a Debian developer for 20 years and is mostly known for maintaining SE Linux packages in Debian.


NSA Security Enhanced Linux (SE Linux) first became known to the Linux community at Ottawa Linux Symposium 2001. I planned to spend a few weeks working on it but ended up spending 20 years, and the work continues. I will describe how my skills as a Linux programmer developed while SE Linux improved, how things could have been done better in retrospect, the ways that my initial plans didn't match reality, and how a few weeks changed to 20 years. This talk is aimed at an audience of beginner to intermediate level. I hope that someone at an early stage of their Linux career will watch this and feel inspired to get in at the start of a major project and develop their skills as the project progresses. But I think that experts will find it interesting.