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  • Emmanuele Bassi

    Emmanuele Bassi

    Emmanuele has been working on GTK and GNOME for over 15 years, both as a volunteer and on commercial products based on GNOME technologies like Maemo on Nokia hardware; Moblin/MeeGo, on Intel hardware; and Endless OS, on Intel and ARM. He also worked for the GNOME Foundation as the resident GTK developer, in order to release GTK 4, the newest major version of the GTK toolkit. When not busy contributing to free and open source software, Emmanuele enjoys reading science fiction; watching slice-of-life anime; building Gundam plastic models; and exploring interesting places to eat along with his wife.


In December 2020 the GTK project released the new major version of the toolkit after more than four years of work, and 9 years after the previous major API version. This was a major milestone in the history of the project, but it doesn't mean work has stopped. In the past year, GTK developers made two additional minor releases, including: a whole new and improved GL-based renderer; a whole set of additional CSS properties to affect how UI elements can draw their content; new visual cues for entering text on non-English keyboard layouts; and a completely revamped documentation stack that tries to bridge the distance between the underlying C API and the various languages that can be used to write GTK applications. In this presentation we're going to catch up with the current state of GTK 4, and where we're going in the future.