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  • John Contad

    John Contad

    15 years in Ops and DevOps - from operating systems, to systems of operation. Obsessed with the intersection of technology and culture - from standing up grad programs, to building organizational learning structures, to teaching for DevOps Girls.


After a certain size of community, working with other people becomes a chore. A significant amount of our working lives is consumed by navigating things that are very human: politics, priorities, personalities that are sometimes at odds with what we want to accomplish. Maybe we get frustrated with tech debt that doesn't get paid off. Conversations with people of differing opinions become painful. The thing we're working on doesn't get the priority we think it deserves. In this talk, we'll break down the issues of empathy: what it really means for software orgs, why it becomes hard, and how to make intentional choices that maybe (just maybe) would make the 8 hours of our daily lives a little bit better.