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  • Alice Ferrazzi

    Alice Ferrazzi

    Alice Ferrazzi is a Gentoo Linux Developer and the Gentoo Kernel Project Leader. She holds Gentoo study meetings in Tokyo, Japan and organizes Gentoo booth at various open source events. Furthermore, she is currently working as IoT Technology division as embedded software engineer for Cybertrust Japan. For Cybertrust Japan she is doing research focusing on the Linux Kernel.


KernelCI is a project focused on testing the upstream Linux Kernel on different hardware with an open testing philosophy and high modularity. Thanks to this approach, KernelCI is expanding its testing ecosystem by allowing new tests and trees to be easily integrated into KernelCI. We will talk about two main systems of growing the current KernelCI ecosystem: - Adding to the KernelCI code - Using KCIDB (KernelCI’s common reporting system) From a CIP project (Civil Infrastructure Platform) testing member and KernelCI CIP instance mentor, you will get an overview of the effort of the CIP project to merge its current testing system into KernelCI, and how it is possible to collaborate and send test results to KernelCI using KernelCI’s common reporting system KCIDB. This talk will give an overview of what we learned from making GKernelCI (Gentoo Kernel automatic testing system) and CIP testing systems collaborate with KernelCI. What we did, what is still missing and what is planned in the future. We hope that this experience will help future collaboration with the KernelCI project.