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  • Robert Powers

    Robert Powers

    Robert is an independent electronics engineering consultant based on the outskirts of Melbourne. Over the last 10 years, he has worked on client projects in the areas of robotics, UAVs, GPS & signal processing, IoT, and others. Robert has had multiple contributions to the LCA Arduino/Open Hardware Miniconfs since 2013 including being the lead hardware designer of the IoTuz project from LCA2017 in Hobart. This year he's taken on most of the hardware design for the Open Hardware Miniconf and is excited to share what the team has come up with.


Does this thing even work? If we're lucky and so, how did some hack-engineer hack these together by lifting from better work by people who might have actually known what they were doing. If not, who doesn't like a good disaster walk-through? Together, we'll learn to use fancy techno language to cover up our poor intuitions about electromagnetism and even poorer marks in university that are now both as distant and forgotten as the concepts which should have been learned there. An impassioned argument about flux-capacitors. Why is that FPGA there? It costs $10 and a $1 microcontroller would have done fine.. KiCAD. No, you're a phase-shift.