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  • Andy Gelme

    Andy Gelme

    Andy started hacking as a teenager when microprocessors were first available and you had to build your own personal computer. His career has included the spectrum of computing … from consumer electronics products to Cray supercomputers. Various projects have involved building automation, Internet of Things, establishing the Melbourne HackerSpace in 2009 and co-founding LIFX in 2012. Since the start of 2016, Andy has been developing distributed frameworks that combine real-time telemetry and video processing via machine learning (neural networks) for applications including drones and robotics.

  • Jonathan Oxer

    Jonathan Oxer

    Jon has been hacking on both hardware and software since he was a little tacker. Most recently he's been focusing more on the Open Hardware side, co-founding Freetronics as a result of organising the first Arduino Miniconf at LCA2010 and designing the Arduino-based payloads that were sent into orbit in 2013 on board satellites ArduSat-X and ArduSat-1. His books include "Ubuntu Hacks" and "Practical Arduino", and he produces the "SuperHouseTV" DIY home automation channel on YouTube.

  • Nicola Nye

    Nicola Nye

    Nicola likes useful, ethical tech. She is Chief of Staff at Fastmail - the world's oldest independent email provider. She is passionate about words and documentation. She's enthusiastic about open hardware and likes flashing lights. She's enthusiastic about open source and open standards, having worked on documentation and community management for Cyrus (open source mail server). She has pink hair and is only slightly mad. she/her


Find out what's in this year's hardware kit, with a tour of the various aspects and how it functions.